Bladder Cancers

Bladder Cancers

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Presentation could be with visible blood or even nonvisible blood (picked up on urine test) in the urine, sometimes with irritable feeling bladder which can include going to urine more often in day and night as well as urgency and leakage of urine.

Treatments offered by Dr Subodh Kamble                                                                    

Dr. Kamble offers diagnostic tests for all types of bladder cancers.

He is an expert in all kind of treatments for bladder cancer including Transurethral Resection of Bladder tumour (TURBT) which is surgery done through a telescope with no cuts on the body (scar less surgery), intravesical Mitomycin C, intravesical BCG, HIVEC and EMDA.

He is specialised in Blue light cystoscopy which has a very high pick up rate for diagnosing bladder cancers.

He is specialised in managing Non muscle invasive bladder cancers, muscle invasive bladder cancers as well as other types of bladder cancers than usual types.

He is trained in doing Open Radical cystectomy as well as robotic radical cystectomy.

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