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Prostate Cancers

How do people come to know:                                                                                                  

Males can present at any age above 40, even though more commonly in elderly patients. There are no specific signs or symptoms of prostate cancers, but some males may have urinary symptoms, even blood in the urine. A simple blood test called ‘PSA’ could indicate a possibility of the prostate cancer. Dr Subodh Kamble is highly trained, skilled and has great expertise in diagnosis and management of prostate cancers.

Age and Race specific reference ranges (BAUS)

Any PSA above this reference range as per the age group should be repeated and investigated further.

Treatments offered by Dr Subodh Kamble                                                                    

Dr. Subodh Kamble has expertise in doing precision point Trans perineal biopsy of the prostate both under Local Anaesthesia as well as General Anaesthesia.

*He is the only Urologist in the entire India to offer and do trans perineal precision point prostate biopsy under Local Anaesthesia*.

The Trans perineal biopsy of the prostate is far superior to the TRUS (trans rectal) biopsy of prostate in terms of diagnosing the prostate cancer.

In terms of treatment of prostate cancer which is dependent on the risk stratification of the prostate cancers in to Low, Intermediate and High-grade prostate cancers. Dr Subodh Kamble has expertise and experience in all options of treatment of prostate cancers such as

Surgical: Open radical prostatectomy, Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and Robotic radical prostatectomy.

4D Brachytherapy for prostate cancer treatment. Dr. Subodh Kamble is currently only one in entire India to offer this treatment. (currently under development)

4D Brachytherapy has less risks as compared to other treatment options, it is curative and can be used in all three grades of prostate cancers including Brachytherapy boost with external beam radiation.

Dr. Subodh Kamble has been trained in management of medical aspect of prostate cancers too.

Emergency Cases

Please feel free to contact Dr Subodh Kamble for any urological emergencies

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