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Dr Subodh Kamble

Urologist, Uro-Onco & Robotic Surgeon. Specialist in 4D Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancers.


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About Dr. Subodh Kamble

Dr Subodh Kamble read medicine at the prestigious B J Medical College, Pune where he graduated with first class. He subsequently undertook his postgraduate training in General Surgery from the same institute and qualified as a General Surgeon from B J Medical College. He joined Jahangir Hospital and Apollo research centre as an assistant professor, ultimately retuning back to the B J Medical College as assistant professor in General Surgery and Urology.

Dr Kamble received a sponsorship from the British Council, UK for further training in the UK for which he travelled to the UK ultimately immigrating to UK. Within a short time after his arrival he undertook his MRCS qualification and became a member of the Royal College of surgeons, UK.

Dr Kamble received extensive training in General Surgery and Urology within the NHS from some of the prestigious and well-known institutes with Urology as career destination. The NHS provides a comprehensive range of health services and is the world’s largest publicly funded health services, which is one of the most efficient, egalitarian and comprehensive. Dr Kamble also undertook a second MRCS from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, UK.

Dr Kamble travelled to Australia where he received his training from the leading institute, The Alfred, Melbourne. The Alfred is a major tertiary referral teaching hospital and the biggest trauma centre in the southern hemisphere. Dr Kamble travelled to France to undertake his training in minimal Invasive Surgery and received a post graduate Diploma in Minimal Invasive Surgery from the University of Strasburg, France. He attained a postgraduate degree qualification MCh in Urology from The Royal College of Surgeons and The University of Edinburgh, UK.

Dr Kamble has a special interest in Robotics and minimal invasive surgery. In order to enhance his skills further he undertook further post graduate Diploma in Urological Robotics and minimal invasive surgery from University of Strasburg, France. Dr Kamble also attained postgraduate qualification MCh in Urological Robotics and minimal invasive surgery from Cambridge, UK.

Dr Kamble is specialised Brachytherapy and completed one-year fellowship in Prostate Brachytherapy for prostate cancer in UK. He received his training and mastered the skills in prostate brachytherapy under Professor Stephen Langley who has an international reputation as an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Dr Kamble mastered the skills in 4D Brachytherapy for prostate cancer by undertaking further one-year fellowship. Currently Dr Kamble is the only surgeon in India who specialises in 4D Brachytherapy. 4D Brachytherapy is a novel method to perform prostate brachytherapy using both stranded and loose seeds in a one-stage procedure with real-time dosimetry. This technique delivers an improved radiation dose to the prostate whist reducing the side effects compared to earlier techniques.

Dr Kamble also completed two years fellowship in UK for Female Urology, Urological Upper track and pelvic Robotic Surgery.

Dr Kamble recognizes that teaching is an integral part of clinical practice and specific skills are required to communicate effectively to motivate students. As well as his clinical responsibilities he plays an active role in teaching. To enhance his teaching skills Dr Kamble attained a post graduate Diploma in clinical education form the Royal college of physician and surgeon. He provides regular supervision to post graduate surgical students, staff, trainees and interns and the medical students.

Dr Kamble has performed many thousands of successful surgeries to date with zero mortality. Dr Kamble has published papers on a wide range of specialist subjects in peer reviewed journals internationally including the completion of a written book chapters.



One-year Fellowship in Robotic Pelvic Uro-Oncology and 4D Prostate brachytherapy, UK


Two years Fellowship in Female Urology, Urological Upper track and pelvic Robotic Surgery, UK


Urological Robotic Surgery

Membership of Professional Bodies


Permanent Registration with Gujrat Medical Council, IND


Member of British Association of Urological surgeons


Member of European Association of Urologists


Permanent Registration with Australian Medical Board, Australia


Member of American Urological Association


Permanent Registration with General Medical council (GMC), UK


Permanent Registration with Maharashtra Medical Board, IND

Book Chapters:

Guiding the Students who had completed their HSC and preparing for entrance exams, and the MBBS students of India about the Medical Training as a career choice.

Name of the Book: ‘Praveshacha Gateway (Gateway for the Entry) 2015’

Sakal International Learning Centre (SILC)

Guiding the Students who had completed their HSC and preparing for entrance exams the options of Medical training (MBBS) in India and overseas.

Name of the Book: ‘Praveshacha Gateway (Gateway for the Entry) 2014’

Sakal International Learning Centre (SILC); 120-123

‘Praveshacha Gateway (Gateway for the Entry)’ book and the program were an initiative by the leading newsgroup ‘The Sakal Media Group along with the Sakal International Learning Centre (SILC), the Young Inspirators Network (YIN) and the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE). From the entire medical fraternity Sakal had approached me to write book chapters for them.

Scientific Presentations & Publications

  1. Jan 2020 Invited as a SPEAKER at an international event ‘Global Congress on Nephrology & Urology 2020’, March 19-20, Valencia, Spain. https://www.scientificfederation.com/nephrology-urology-2020/speakers.php

  2. Jan 2020 Abstract submitted for 35th Annual EAU Congress Amsterdam 2020. The title of the submitted abstract is: pT3a and pT3b Prostate Ca patients comparing final pathology with MRI scan of prostate. The abstract ID number is: AM20-6225. Authors: Kamble S., Rifat M., Moschonas D., Janardanan S., Patil K., Perry M., Eden C., Langley S. Royal Surrey County Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Guildford, United Kingdom

  3. June 2019 “Yoga and Urology: An incredible coalition.” UN Int'l Day of Yoga at House of Commons London, For the House of Commons at The UK Parliament House.

  4. June 2018 Healing touch: A confluence of Allopathy, Yoga and Ayurveda; All Party Parliamentary Group - Indian Traditional Sciences in partnership with High Commission of India and The Nehru Centre, The House of Parliament, The British Parliament, London, UK. (http://www.ayuryog.org/sites/default/files/2018_iydnhs70_tnc_programme.pdf)

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