A young male arrived from Punjab and Rajasthan border to Surat with his father for a transformation of his life to a diaper and clamp free new life. His urine leak was an extent that he was using Penile Clamps to control it happening.

Recently yet another pioneering bladder surgery was performed to treat a Neurogenic bladder resulting from birth defect of the spinal cord. This time it on 21 years old BTEC student. The boy had to use penile clamp to control his urine leak. Penile clamp is an external penis compression device that treats male urinary incontinence. Incontinence clamps for men are applied to compress the urethra to compensate for the malfunctioning of the natural urinary sphincter, preventing leakage from the bladder with minimal restriction of blood flow. Needless to say, the penile clamps has their own drawbacks and no wonder why Amit was desperate to get rid of them. Penile clamps shown to cause a significant reduction in incontinence, however long-term use of these devices has the risk of complications, such as pain, urethral erosion, obstruction and edema. There is evidence that prolonged use of penile clamps compromise tissue and blood flow and promote the development of inflammatory response because of the elevation of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

The surgery was successfully performed by an internationally renowned urologist Dr Subodh Kamble and the boy has commenced his normal life. It could take up to two weeks for the complete recovery and in this boy’s case it took over one week to resolve unlike other cases where the problems were resolved in few days. However, after 21 long years he became diaper free and penile clamps free. He began to slept peacefully completely dry.

Amit (name change for confidentiality), a 21 years old male a BTEC student from Rajasthan has now commenced sleeping through nights without having to wear a diaper. One can imagine the psychological and emotional state of the young 21 years old male having to wear a diaper each day of life and apply penile clamps? His BTEC studies was proving rather challenging to cope with due to his ongoing urine leaking and diapers becoming full resulting from the leaked urine. Amit had lost all hopes of a normal life.

Upon reading a news about Dr Subodh kamble he made his way to Surat in Gujarat with a hope for new life. They arrived early in the morning travelling for around 24 hours. Amit could not wait to meet Dr Kamble so he waited in the waiting room for a day to start and to meet Dr Kamble first thing in morning. Amit was desperate for life without penile clamps, and even same day of his first consultation he chose to undergo the procedure. However, Dr Kamble made him understand that decision to undergo a surgical procedure should not be rushed. Amit is tired and should rest first. Dr Kamble requested the father and son to go to their booked hotel, relax and then think about the procedure carefully. The father and son remained in Surat. Few days after the initial consultation they booked a surgery and three days after his surgery he has began his normal life without diapers.

Like Pratik and Chintan in previous cases, Amit was also born with Meningomyelocele (spina bifida). Spina bifida is a birth defect in which the spinal canal and the backbone don’t close before the child is born. This type of birth defect is also called a neural tube defect and two to three children in thousand children are born with this defect. Amit was born with Spina Bifida and had to undergo a corrective surgery for his Spina Bifida at the age of few days subsequently growing up with a Neurogenic Bladder.

Throughout Amit’s life he experienced frequency of urination around ever 30 minutes as well as urine leakage. Needless to say, with such a level of frequency of his urination his studies. Amit’s urination frequency was around 25 times a day and at 7-8 times during the night. He suffered with severe urgency of urination with urge incontinence (urine leakage). Like Pratik & Chintan Amit was also fed up with his condition.

For adults and children with Neurogenic Bladder quality of their life becomes seriously affected. It becomes very difficult for them to go out with friends, take vacations or do everyday things. They constantly worry that they wouldn’t be able to find a bathroom when needed. Specially for males their diapers fills up and become bulky, the bulk becoming visible from their trousers. Some people with neurogenic bladder begin to give study, jobs, cancel activities and withdraw from their lives. Neurogenic bladder can affect their work and their relationships. They feel tired, depressed, anxious and lonely. Besides the leaking urine can cause skin problems or infections as well.

A troubled father of 21 years old male, Mr Nathu (surname changed for confidentiality) had tried every option possible to make his son better. The family consulted many specialist in many other places without any success. Everywhere they were told that his condition do not have any treatment and he could never be treated. Amit and his parents had left all the hopes of Amit being able to live normal life. Amit read Dr Kamble’s wife’s tweet with a news cut out. Upon reading about Dr Subodh Kamble they immediately made their way to Surat with a hope for a new life. Just over a week since their first consultation Amit’s started new diapers free life.

Dr Subodh Kamble says there are many young boys and girls like Amit, Chintan and Pratik who suffer from same or similar problems, who would benefit from this pioneering procedure in India. This procedure can be carried out through a telescope; hence it is without any cuts on the body. The patient can resume their problem free life in a matter of few days.

Young boys and girls should not have to suffer in silence as the treatment is now available to treat neurogenic bladder resulted from Spina Bifida at the doorstep, in Gujarat. The problems of Neurogenic bladder can be treated. Currently Dr Subodh Kamble is the only urologist in Gujarat and probably in entire India who is expert in this procedure and offering this procedure in Gujarat and beyond.

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