It is shocking that 15 lakh (1.5M) #ProstateCancer cases are detected every year in India. Irony is 85% are diagnosed at #Stage4! Experts says 90% of their work load is patient presenting with advanced stage of their Prostate cancer #advancedProstateCancers. Why is this? #WhyIndia?

• Many of the medical practitioners themselves are not aware of prostate cancer early diagnosis.

• PSA (simple blood test for prostate cancer) is not requested and carried out by doctors for above 50 males and above 40 symptomatic males.

• Many Medical practitioners in India fail to take in to account the age specific range of PSA in blood.

• Many urologists in India who have no training or expertise in managing prostate cancers and not up to date with their knowledge provide wrong and suboptimal treatment, which leads to patient advancing to stage 3 and 4.

• In India many urologists are still using Suboptimal biopsy technique for diagnosing prostrate cancer, which is TRUS biopsy (transrectal) which misses more than 40% prostate cancers.

• People do not have awareness amongst them about this cancer, neither they ask for blood test, nor they seek relevant opinion. People don’t do their homework about a particular specialist they are planning to see, to check whether that doctor has appropriate knowledge and expertise in the area?

Resulting in life of the patient reducing significantly and also far too many lives are lost which could actually be saved!